Almost 15,00pcs of Yibai Melo series LED street lights shine for a downtown area in Brisenas, Mexico in 2017.

The LED lighting project is an important part of municipal engineering in the local city, public bidding started in August 2016. With multiple road conditions and different lighting requirements, our customer, a strengthened contractor, turned to us for complicated lighting calculation and Dialux simulation. Finally, they chose the Melo series LED street light after months of investigation and conference discussion for this LED street lighting project in Mexico.

Based on the Dialux simulation report, we made the illuminance over 1.4cd/m², which is far beyond the standard requirement 0.75cd/m². The higher brightness in the blocks helps a lot for the citizen’s safety and crime reduction in this city. Finally, our customer presented the Melo series LED street light to the local government and won the bid after site-testing eventually.

Yibai LED Street Lighting Project in Mexico (2)

NOM certificated & PAESE Certificated LED street light models we used for this retrofit street lighting project in Mexico:

  • 30W Melo LED Street light with 40pcs Lumiles 3030 LED chips, 3900lm, to replace 150W HPS for 2-lane roads.
  • 60W Melo LED Street light with 80pcs Lumiles Luxeon 3030 chips, 7800lm to repalce 250W HPS for 4-lane roads.
  • 80W Melo LED Street light with 100pcs Lumiles Luxeon 3030 chips, 10400lm to 400W HPS for 8-lane roads.
Yibai LED Street Lighting Project in Mexico (1)

With a much lower power consumption, the lights installed for this street lighting project in Mexico could save electricity bills over 60% for the local city! The local governors were so satisfied with the lighting effect and energy-saving efficiency!

For any questions or needs on LED street lighting, please feel free to contact us via [email protected], YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high-quality LED lights with a professional engineering team that will provide full support for you!

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