Yibai LED Lighting henceforth referred to as a professional LED lighting solution provider guarantees that all products are fully guaranteed for a period of five years from the date of manufacturing, provided that they are utilized in accordance with the purpose for which they were designed.

The supplier only provides this warranty to the client who is the recipient of the invoice.

Products that are found to be defective or affected by any production flaw at the supplier, in the supplier’s reasonable opinion, are covered by a warranty and are either repaired or replaced.

Within 60 days of the problem being discovered, a written notice must be provided to the supplier in order to request repair or replacement under warranty.

Only if all of the following requirements are met is the warranty valid:

  • Products are used in accordance with technical requirements.
  • Products have been mounted properly and in accordance with mounting instructions that come with the provided components.
  • Without the supplier’s prior, written consent, no product changes or modifications have been made.
  • The customer must keep the defective product in its original condition so that the supplier can perform the necessary analysis and attempt to pinpoint the root of the problem. After receiving damaged products back with freight paid, the supplier will repair or replace them.
  • This guarantee does not apply to the decline in output lux of LED sources because it is an inherent characteristic of the product technology. When manufacturer liability has been investigated and confirmed, the supplier guarantees to repair or replacement of the fitting in the event that greater than 30% of the LEDs fail.

The goods are covered by a warranty for a maximum of 20,000 hours of use over 5 (five) years, which equates to an average operating time of 11 hours per day.

When operated at Ta 25℃ for up to 20,000 hours over the course of 5 (five) years, or an average of 11 hours per day, electronic drivers are protected.
If the product exhibits production flaws and/or defects that are covered by this warranty, the supplier may, at its own reasonable discretion, proceed to repair the product and/or replace it with an identical or comparable one in terms of consumption or lighting performance, taking into account the ongoing technological advancement that has occurred since the faulty product and within the necessary intervention time.

This warranty excludes:

  • Product flaws brought on by unforeseen and uncontrollable events, including, but not limited to, accidental case and/or force major, vandalism actions, riots in public places, fires, extreme atmospheric phenomena, and any other incident that may not be related to production flaws.
  • Defects brought about by impulsive perturbations (surge) that exceed the thresholds allowed by this topic’s active rules.
  • Problems brought on by tampering or repairs made in the past without the supplier’s express consent.
  • Collateral freight for vice and/or defect repair, product removal and assembly charges, labor, transport for faulty fitting, and any other expenditures for vice and/or defect repair shall continue to be the responsibility of the client.
  • Products that have had any labeling from the original source removed, altered, or damaged by the buyer or a third party.
  • Any equipment or object that sustains collateral damage as a result of the product’s failure.
  • Misuse, wrong installation, or both.
  • Products whose failure was brought on by a non-supplier component or product.

The only and sole form of guarantee between the supplier and the client for the provided product is this warranty.

Regarding the faulty goods, the seller cannot be asked to meet any demands beyond those covered by this guarantee. No payment or other charges should be anticipated or deducted. There is no chargeable or askable freight for the storage of damaged goods.

Failure notification procedure

  • The supplier must receive written notification from the consumer.
  • Allusions to invoices (number, date).
  • A large number of flawed or substandard fittings.
  • Site of installation

After receiving certification for the appropriate installation and commissioning of the electrical installation to which the product is connected, the warranty will be approved.

Following this, the supplier will notify the consumer that they have been given permission to return defective products. If the provider has not officially authorized the return, no item will be accepted.

The supplier will confirm the customer failure causes and whether it is covered by the warranty once analysis on failed fittings is complete. The provider will offer to repair or replace the product(s) in the event of failure that is covered by the warranty.

For returned fittings that are not defective, the supplier may deduct the customer’s freight costs as well as any associated handling, research, and transportation fees.

The conditions of this warranty agreement are subject to change by Yibai LED Lighting without prior notification.