Why stadiums are ramping up their LED lighting systems? 

Metal halide lighting was the standard option for sporting arenas for many years. But things are beginning to shift. Stadiums in today’s world increasingly rely on LED lighting, and for good reason. For today’s stadiums, switching to LED makes sense in terms of time and energy savings.

Energy-saving LED lights (And Money)

The most obvious argument for switching from metal halide to LED lighting is to save money by using less electricity. LED luminaires, like those made by Yibai LED lighting, can reduce energy use and costs by up to 75%. This can result in sizable cost savings considering that stadium lights are typically on for hours on end much of the season. The majority of stadium executives discover that the energy savings rapidly offset the increased installation costs.

LED Lights Mean Less Time and Money Spent on Maintenance

The extended lifespan of LED lighting compared to other stadium lighting options is an additional benefit. Since upgrading stadium lights is a lot of labor, you probably want to put off doing it as long as you can. LED luminaires have a long lifespan that is not affected by fading or burning out.

Because each light in a Yibai LED luminaire is equipped with patented technology that lowers the possibility of heat damage as well, the lights have a 100,000-hour rating, meaning they will last for a very long time. Light replacement will take less time and effort, freeing up resources for other maintenance tasks in your building.

The top 4 benefits of LED lighting in stadiums
Greater General Visibility

When you switch to LED, your area is also more visible. Compared to alternative stadium lighting options, LED light usually produces less glare and more accurate color rendering. Better player and spectator experiences result from this. With no glare and excellent color reproduction, Yibai LED luminaires have some of the best visibility available, providing you with the maximum benefit.

Because of the improved visibility, broadcasts, including high-definition broadcasts, can be made with better lighting. A wide beam angle is another feature of Yibai LED lighting that allows you to illuminate more of your space with fewer lamps. But because they are directed, there isn’t any wasted light that spreads beyond the intended beam angle.

Immediately On Lighting

Finally, the instant-on feature of LED lighting is a factor in stadium managers’ decision to switch. This implies that when the lights are turned on, they are just as brilliant and colorful as they will be when they are turned off. Gameplay is not delayed as you wait for the lights to warm up.

Lighting in stadiums must be adequate for both safety and enjoyment. Consider switching to LED lighting if you’re seeking fresh possibilities for your stadium. With technologies to lower the danger of damage from dust, impact, and heat, Yibai LED luminaires have a long lifespan and great lighting capabilities. 

To upgrade the lighting in your stadium and start reaping the advantages of LED, buy Yibai LED luminaires!

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