With school and league schedules becoming increasingly crowded, teams are frequently forced to play after dark. When those teams must play outside, proper lighting is critical for the safety of the players, coaches, and fans. Here’s a closer look at the best outdoor sports lighting and facilities. You must have the right lighting solution for this critical aspect of outdoor sporting venue design.

Lighting ensures safety and security

Players cannot participate in their sport unless adequate lighting is provided. Spectators cannot enjoy the game if they are unable to see it. Outdoor lighting is important for safety as well as convenience. When players can see well, they will make fewer mistakes on the field or court. When spectators can see well, they are less likely to be involved in an accident in the stands. Well-lit facilities reduce theft and other security concerns. As a result, facility managers and athletic department heads must invest in appropriate outdoor lighting.

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Lighting Quality Is Important

Another important consideration for outdoor lighting is lighting quality. Whether you’re looking for tennis court lighting, outdoor basketball court lighting, baseball field lighting, football field lighting, or lighting for another type of outdoor sports field, you’ll want to make sure it’s bright, has a long reach, and has instant-on capabilities. This way, you can be certain that when the lights are turned on, your teams and spectators will have clear visibility.

LED has clear advantages for outdoor sports and court lighting. LEDs have a high Color Rendering Index, which means they are clearer than other light sources. The colors are well-lit, and everything is bright and clear. Because HID lighting is commonly used in outdoor lighting, there is no discoloration caused by the light itself.

It’s Critical to Have Low-Maintenance Lighting

It is not uncommon for lighting to be installed up to 100 feet or more in the air to properly illuminate a playing field in an outdoor sports environment. This means that low maintenance lighting is essential because replacing fixtures or lamps requires time and financial investment. LED lighting for outdoor sports fields and portable sports lighting systems outlasts all other types of outdoor lighting. This means fewer burned-out bulbs or ballasts to replace, lowering maintenance costs and effort.

Outdoor sports field lighting is essential for both safety and enjoyment. The right lighting is important, and LED is quickly becoming the lighting of choice for sporting fields. Its superior lighting quality and low maintenance requirements make it a fan favorite among those in charge of keeping sports fields well-lit. You can take customizing your sports lighting venue to the next level with full LED controllability and different control protocols.

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