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Monitor and Manage Citywide Lighting With Ease

Through Our Smart City Software

YIBAI® StreetLight Control software gives you a full command over your entire public lighting infrastructure. Monitor and control each individual street light or group of street lights with an open, secure and intuitive smart city software application suite that is remotely accessible at any time, from anywhere.

Gain Insight to Optimize Lighting
Gain Insight to Optimize Lighting

Insightful graphical data on energy usage and savings of each luminaire or cabinet helps optimize the entire lighting infrastructure. It also helps make actionable plans to meet your smart city goals.

Manage Street Lights Remotely
Manage Street Lights Remotely

View and manage your smart city street lighting infrastructure with an intuitive dashboard that is accessible from a standard web browser remotely from anywhere, at any time.

Real-time control & smart schedulers
real-time control & smart schedulers

To ensure a fast and flexible implementation, the system uses a combination of Programs, Calendars and Scheduler Groups to set the luminaires’ light levels throughout the night. 

Citywide Maintenance Overview(2)

Citywide Maintenance Overview

Identify street light alerts/alarms on maps at a city-level. Know the precise location where the maintenance operator should act. Reduce truck rolls and subsequent expenses.

Control Citywide Lighting
Control Citywide Lighting

Create custom groups or manage individual street lights. Adjust citywide lighting requirements based on profiles, specific days, certain events, or simply on human movements.


Reduce Costs

Limit energy consumption and minimize CO2 emissions and light pollution with dimming schedules. Align lighting schedules to achieve sustainability without compromising citizen comfort and safety.

Communication technology

Whether using radio or wired connections, communication technologies act as a binder for smart street lighting systems. Everything is connected (lights, streetlight controllers, control software, etc.) and communicates like a neural network. 

Depending on landscape features, urban density, the city’s requirements, and future plans, Yibai® smart street lighting solution have the ability to use, separately or combined, a wide range of communication technologies, making connected street lighting more accessible than ever.

Which communication technologies to choose for your Smart Street Lighting project?

The LoRaWAN solution uses the LoRaWAN network to transmit data from the lamp controller to the node server. It is suitable for the city with LoRaWAN base stations.

The NB-IoT solution uses the NB-IoT network to transmit data from the lamp controller to the server. It is suitable for cities with large-scale streetlights.

Use LoRa-mesh, a low power long range radio frequency communication with one time relay can cover longer distances with a better speed than LoRaWan.

LTE solution uses LTE (4G) to transmit data from the lamp controller to the server. It has amazing transmission speed and needs to insert a SIM card for communication.

The power line communication solution uses a power cable to transmit data from the lamp controller. It is the most stable remote streetlight control solution.

The RS485 solution uses RS485 to transmit data from the lamp controller to the concentrator. It is suitable for tunnels as fast-speed transmission.

Smart street lighting benefits

300 million people in hundreds of cities on 5 continents have already witnessed the benefits of our connected street lighting solution
Guidelines for city street lighting project
Foundation for smart cities

Do you consider future integrations? Monitoring the environment? EV charging infrastructure? Traffic control? As the smart street lighting networks are continuously under power, the lighting grid becomes a platform for other smart city applications, providing power and connectivity for any sensors and IoT devices.

Requirements for street and road lighting (2)
save energy and money

Reduce energy expenses and power consumption by up to 40% by adding intelligence and control to the lighting network. By using intelligent ON/OFF switching, targeted progressive dimming or motion activation, you can control manually or schedule the light intensity across the city.

YIBAI LED Lighting project in Mexico (1)
Reduce operational costs

The city saves up to 42% off maintenance costs and increases lamps’ lifetime by 30%. By having in-depth, real-time awareness and full control of the street lighting grid, cities get precise data about usage of energy consumption, malfunctions and streetlight inventory.

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