Lighting Technical Solutions

Planning and designing with lighting calculations

The team of lighting experts at Yibai LED Lighting offers precise guidance and helps with lighting verification to deliver the optimum option in accordance with the various possible applications. Worldwide, the culture of light and lighting planning is spreading, and both public administrations and private users are becoming more sensitive to the need to improve urban areas, artistic and architectural assets, sports and recreational areas, and public spaces while respecting the location and the environment.

Yibai LED Lighting has been paying attention to these objectives for a while now and is able to suggest lighting solutions and equipment that seamlessly blend with the architectural framework while also requiring less energy usage and, if necessary, no light pollution. Functionality, high performance, quick and simple installation, maintenance features, and a lengthy product lifecycle go hand in hand with these accomplishments. Thus, Yibai’s lighting is at the service of “the space for people” all over the world, serving not only as a vital tool for survival but also as a potent method of expressing the environment’s quality.

Yibai LED Lighting is a total lighting solution provider

Implementation services and installation targeting

When the job is being done, Yibai LED Lighting offers a team of competent specialists to create and elaborate the calculations. To make sure the products are compliant with current standards, the team also enters the work during the pointing phase of the products in major plants, such as industries, huge airport areas, and stadiums for international competitions. All participants will then be even more certain that they selected Yibai LED Lighting as their technical partner. To deliver product samples to the designer, our sales crew is on its marks!