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What is the OEM/ODM of LED lights?

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is a company that creates a product for a client according to the specifications laid out by that client. ODM (original design manufacturer) is a company that designs and builds the product, then markets it under its own name. Yibai LED Lighting is an OEM/ODM service provider that customizes products to fit customers’ different projects.

What does the OEM/ODM of LED lights include?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is responsible for the design of a product and its manufacturing. An OEM/ODM of LED lights must include the following in their designs: the light designs, the material used in these designs, the durability of the lights, marketing, and client satisfaction.

The complete process of OEM/ODM of LED lights

We strive to provide quality solutions for our valued clients through our OEM/ODM services. The entire process of OEM/ODM begins with the initiation of a new project, which includes an overall discussion regarding the project’s specifications and quotations. We then research and design a product that fits your needs by working closely with you to develop a concept and produce a functional prototype. After this, we manufacture your lights by assuring their quality and full function. Lastly, we provide service and support through logistic services and aftersales support.

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Customer feedback can inspire a new product or an improvement to an existing one. Technological advances, such as small, lightweight, and waterproof lights; the color, size, shape, and brightness of the light; and even how long it takes to charge, are all factors that can be considered when deciding which features make a quality light.

product design


Using the software program Dialux, a visual model can be created to show how the product might function. During this phase, it is important to compare competitive products and analyze their features to determine what aspects might not be practical for your application.

Mock-up Sample Verification

Mock-up Sample Verification

Upon receipt of your approval of our 3D printing and quotation, we will arrange a sample to be made and ensure that every design is achievable before going into mass production.



Mold manufacturing, providing quality control and quality assurance inspections and reports, as well as abrasive adjustments based on customer feedback.

Lab test facilities


The product is now ready to be mass-produced following the completion of its physical design, electrical configuration, and optical testing.

Diamond-Series-LED-high-bay-light-NSF-certificate (2)

Product lanch

Before the product released to the market, all products are tested to ensure they function properly and meet company standards.


When was your factory established?

Our factory has 10+ years of experience in LED Lighting products manufacturing.

Where is your factory located?

Zhongshan Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China

What is your main market?

Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.

How many square meters does your factory have?

More than 20,000 square meters.

How many people are there in your factory?

More than 120 in production department, sales and service personnel.

What are your main products?

We are dedicated to creating wireless communication and ultra-performance LED lighting products for the heavy industry manufacturing, food & beverage processing, sports, and city public lighting.

What is the annual production capacity of your factory?

Our factory has an annual production capacity of 100,000 units/sets.

What are the main features of your company's products?

Long service life, high light efficiency, unique light distributions, energy saving, competitive price.

Do you have test reports and qualification certifications?

Yes, we can assist in obtaining the designated test report and factory audit report of the product, ENEC, ETL, CE, ROHS and ISO certificates.

Can you arrange shipment for customers?

Yes, we have good experience in freight logistics. We cooperate with reliable freight, logistics and shipping companies in the world.

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