Volleyball courts require the right illumination to ensure terrific gameplay and a satisfying viewing experience for spectators, whether they are played outdoors on a beach or indoors in a sports arena. Outdoor courts can be well-lit by the sun during the day, but at night, additional illumination is required. More and more institutions are switching to LED lighting for dependable, always-on, efficient illumination.

LED lighting for volleyball courts has advantages

The advantages of using Yibai LED Luminaires for volleyball courts are numerous. Some of the benefits of LED lighting include reduced energy use and increased safety.

Energy savings are provided by LED lighting

Energy conservation is one of the main benefits of using LED lighting for volleyball courts. You can reduce your energy bills by up to 80% by converting from other types of lighting to LED without compromising the quality of your illumination. You don’t have to worry about your energy costs as long as people want to play with the lights on.

Greater Volleyball Player and Spectator Safety

LED lighting reduces energy expenses while simultaneously enhancing volleyball players’ and spectators’ safety on the court. Particularly with Yibai LED Luminaires, you receive a light that mimics natural sunlight and reproduces colors accurately. As a result of the superior visibility, there is a lower chance of falling. When players can see clearly, they can dive for the ball more readily. Additionally, because the luminaires produce less glare, neither players nor spectators will be distracted by blazing light.

Establish uniform lighting to enhance athlete conditions

The fact that LED lighting produces more consistent light is just another benefit of selecting it for your volleyball courts. Unlike alternative lighting options, Yibai LED luminaires do not lose brightness over time. From the first day to the last day, they maintain a constant brightness. They instantly reach full brightness and don’t flicker. Since there will be consistent lighting around the court, playing will be even more enjoyable. Additionally, this might make it possible to broadcast professional- or college-level activities in HDTV.

Lighting solutions for volleyball courts
Choosing the Appropriate Lighting Level

A volleyball court requires the appropriate level of illumination. Typically, a volleyball court indoors is 30 feet by 60 feet. For entertainment volleyball courts, 100 to 300 LUX of light is required to sufficiently illuminate the area. You need at least 500 LUX to illuminate a professional-level court or game.

The Correct Color Temperature to Use

The color temperature you choose for volleyball lighting is also crucial. For the most enjoyable experience, look for lighting that produces colors that are comparable to those of natural sunlight. A high color rendering index of more than 85 can be found in Yibai LED luminaires. With this grade, colors are displayed as faithfully to natural light as possible, which enhances everyone’s play and viewing experiences.

Both indoor and outdoor volleyball court illumination should be done with Yibai LED luminaires. They provide excellent illumination with the appearance of natural light and distribute light evenly around the court. To locate your LED volleyball lighting solution, browse our Luminaires right away.

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