The basketball season has started, is your gym’s lighting system complete?

Basketball season means hours spent in gyms across the country at schools, colleges, and recreation centers. With so many teams on the court every day, facilities must ensure proper lighting for positive fan experiences and player and spectator safety. Is your lighting ready for the task? How to keep your gym properly lit with professional indoor flood lighting fixtures? Here’s a closer look at what you’ll need for lighting that will withstand the wear and tear of the season.

Quality of Lighting

Gym lighting is notorious for its poor color rendering and harsh glare. Both issues cause discomfort for both players and fans. Furthermore, glare can pose a safety risk if players are unable to see clearly while sprinting down the court. Traditional lighting is also notorious for taking a long time to warm up, which can cause practice or gameplay to be delayed. Improved lighting with instant-on capabilities can help mitigate these issues and the risks they entail.

Lighting is important not only for players and fans. A high color rendering index is essential for college sports, where television cameras must capture all of the game’s details for broadcasts. The appearance of these broadcasts will improve with the use of proper lighting that provides better visibility and color rendering.

Enhanced Durability

When a stray ball flies to the ceiling and strikes a light fixture, a long-lasting lighting solution will help keep the game going without interruption. Gym lighting must be durable, even in extreme or harsh conditions. Furthermore, lights that will last for years without needing to be replaced are beneficial in a gymnasium setting. Continuous lighting replacement necessitates using a lift, potentially damaging gym floors, and shutting down the court while maintenance is performed.

Increased Efficiency to Control Operating Costs

During basketball season, your lighting will be turned on more than usual. You’ll want to make sure you’re prepared with energy-efficient lighting. Lowering your energy bills will result in more savings for your facility, allowing you to better serve your teams and fans.

How to keep your gym properly lit with professional indoor flood lighting fixtures

What lighting solution will meet all of these requirements? YIBAI LED Luminaires provide efficient, dependable, and long-lasting lighting for gymnasiums and basketball courts. YIBAI LED Lighting will help you keep your gym properly lit all season long with professional indoor flood lighting fixtures that will last for many years, reduce energy use by up to 83 percent, and have instant-on, crisp, high color rendering illumination.

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