An essential area for public enjoyment is a public park. A well-designed public park lighting scheme not only fosters a tranquil environment but also offers us an eye-opening visual experience.

Consider going for a jog to unwind after a long day at work, but the park is closed because of the lights. That would be a huge letdown. Consider as well that some of the park’s lighting occasionally flickers. The people would be scared off by this. A robust lighting system is essential to maximizing utilization of public parks at night.
Because of its excellent lighting efficiency, long lifespan, and versatility, LED is always the best option. We shall discover more about the various components of public park lighting in this article.

Which lighting layout is ideal for public parks?

Lighting replacements and new installs are the two primary categories of lighting projects for public parks. Regardless of the project you have in mind, we encourage you to contact us and let us know what lighting needs you have for public parks. We’ll then produce a totally free lighting design for you.

Lighting for a sports field in a public park
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A small- to medium-sized sports field, such as a soccer field, cricket field, or skating rink, can be found in many public parks. In order for the players to enjoy the game with their friends and family, the best park lighting should be able to provide them with bright and uniform lighting. In order to prevent glare for the general public from the strong light, we can also reduce glare in public park lighting by 80% using our most advanced optical technology. We require 200 to 300 lux of illumination to make the sports field sufficiently bright. 
Park playground illumination

Playgrounds in public parks require lighting so that we may make the most of their use at night. An open space in a public park is a playground. Because many kids and their parents might spend a lot of time on the playground, we should keep it informal. A public park’s playground should have lighting that is between 50 and 150 lux in order to provide a comfortable atmosphere at night. Children who can see barriers clearly can have fewer accidents thanks to good lighting design.

The park has lights for the sidewalks, fountain, and meadow

Why not adorn walkways and fountains with gorgeous color-changing lighting? Yibai LED Lighting’s color-changing lights are capable of producing over 16 million hues, making a luminous, color-changing fountain in a public park an ideal location for photos. We can quickly create fantastic lighting effects in any part of the park thanks to the DMX lighting control technology.

The public can feel comfortable by using various light colors on the lawn or sidewalks at night so they can spend time with their families and friends.

Lighting for parking lots
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Another crucial area in public parks is the parking lot because well-lit parking lots draw more visitors. Lighting is also essential for safety because a bright environment discourages crime. Additionally, uniform lighting makes it possible for drivers to see other pedestrians easily and prevent accidents. Lighting requirements for parking lots range from 50 to 150 lux. Because we don’t need powerful lights on the road, parking lot lighting needs are a little lower.

What benefits can LED park lighting systems offer?

In terms of energy savings and health advantages, replacing public park lighting made of metal halide, mercury vapor, or other HID technologies can be helpful.

Lighting with low operating costs

When replacing HID lighting, we can save up to 75% to 85% of energy thanks to the unique high luminous efficiency of LED lighting. How much does it cost to keep the lights on in the public park? if the lighting in a public park uses 10,000W. The monthly running expense for lights is $540 or $18 per day (10,000W x $0.15/1000 x 12 hours). The running cost will also be four to five times higher if we need 40,000 to 50,000W of HID lights to produce the same amount of light as LED lights. Therefore, switching to LEDs for public park lighting is the best choice.

Park lights without UV radiation

We can entirely eliminate dangerous UV radiation by utilizing LED lights in public parks, which is another advantage. This is possible because we can carefully manage the LED lights’ spectrum, so preventing the LEDs from generating dangerous UV rays. Children and the elderly will benefit from this more.

LEDs increase security

Public parks can be made safer by employing bright, uniform lighting since it heightens the feeling of security. In a well-lit public park, thieves won’t attempt to commit robbery because the CCTV can readily capture their faces and movements. Having a light public park is beneficial.


Lighting is a crucial part of furniture in public parks and plazas. This is possible at night because we can make the people feel at ease. A cozy and motivational lighting scheme may instantly improve your city park. Let’s visit our lighting engineers and sales representatives for a no-cost lighting design consultation. You can investigate the countless choices for lighting at Yibai LED Lighting!

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