The most frequent design requirements when creating or upgrading outdoor recreation facilities, both public and private, are practical and aesthetically pleasing lighting. As more people use outdoor places in the COVID-19 age and the requirement for space to accommodate social distancing, there is an increasing demand for greater lighting in these areas.

By highlighting walkways, meeting spots, building entrances, and other important focal points, effective lighting can improve outdoor settings. Additionally, enough lighting can improve security and safety for visitors.

Nova Series For Outdoor Public Lighting by Yibai LED

For delivering extensive, high-visibility illumination for sizable outdoor parks and recreation areas, Yibai LED Lighting’s New Nova Series was created specifically. These lights have a remarkable lifespan of over 100,000 hours and provide clear lighting without causing any visual discomfort. For a variety of applications, Yibai LED Lighting’s unique optics produce the optimal light distribution and beam angles while also resulting in substantial energy and labor savings. Communities will save a lot of money on maintenance costs and power bills thanks to the Nova Series.

The Nova Series area light makes use of cutting-edge technology to offer the following features:

  • Control and homogeneity of glare
  • Instant-on/off  Dimming
  • Complete control, even from a distant mobile device
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Non-flickering lights
  • Total adaptability
  • High Color Rendition Index
  • Suitable lighting for the neighborhood with minimal spillover or skyglow

You should think about the Nova Series for all kinds of outdoor public lighting for the reasons listed above and more. The following three factors should be taken into account when deciding how much external lighting you will require for parks and other outdoor entertainment spaces.

Community Engagement and Safety

The type of lighting present has a significant impact on how secure one feels when entering an outside area after dark. Any park or recreational area’s overall safety rating is based on the quantity and caliber of illumination. Use and perceptions of safety both rise with good lighting.

Outdoor spaces that are well-lit experience fewer crimes and become more well-liked destinations for families seeking secure social contact. Some public spaces take advantage of this rise in interest to conduct community activities geared at families, like outdoor movie evenings and music performances.

Funding for public parks, beachfronts, and other recreational spaces frequently improves in communities that invest in high-quality outdoor lighting for their outdoor recreation facilities.

High efficient use of energy

Utilizing contemporary lighting options is the best course of action for energy efficiency and financial savings.

More individuals than ever are leaving remote rural areas and relocating to urban areas. Due to this, there will be a rise in the demand for power for both home and public lighting, including street lighting. LED lighting, such that offered by the Nova Series, can control costs and maximize efficiency. Every size community, from small towns to huge cities, can affordably and safely illuminate public spaces of all sizes with the use of simple controls without placing an undue burden on municipal finances.

This offers up a wide range of opportunities when towns don’t have to second-guess their decision to provide illumination for everything from modest venues like a town hall park or gazebo to the stadium-sized areas and parks that are common in cities.

A mobile device can be used to remotely control or program lights, either on automated settings or in real time on-site. Operators may even decide to use only the lights required for a certain region inside a bigger one.

There is no need to physically replace lights or climb ladders. The Nova Series offers increased visibility, durability, energy efficiency, and ease of control. Once Nova Series luminaires are installed, communities can save a significant amount of money and effort.

Another advantage of modern lighting technology for towns wishing to encourage green initiatives is that LEDs utilize a tiny fraction of the electricity needed by incandescent or sodium-vapor lights.

Guidelines for outdoor public lighting
Flexible scheduling according to need

A lighting system that uses BRAND NAME is adaptable enough to allow the most crucial locations to be viewed first when establishing lighting demands and budget, with additional lighting solutions added as budget permits to places likewise in need of more illumination.

One typically starts with high-activity zones, which are typically the focus of pedestrian activity after dark and include entrances and exits, parking, gazebos, sports fields, benches, and main routes. From there, landscape architects can think about adding more paths, developing more public gathering spots, installing landscaping and water features, etc. Areas that are typically not lit at all because nighttime use would be inappropriate or harmful would come in last.

Managers of outdoor areas may swiftly alter placement to achieve the lighting they desire and get the most use out of their luminaries. They can coordinate usage with significant signage, and positioning them where they have some street exposure increases the chance of attracting more visitors.

Providing the Community With Light

These days, it’s more crucial than ever to have the freedom to congregate, enjoy the outdoors, and create lasting experiences with friends and family. The demand for outdoor public places with enhanced amenities, including high-quality lighting, is growing for these and other reasons.

Designing parks and leisure areas with safe, energy-efficient, and well-thought-out lighting is important so that neighborhoods may thrive even in the worst of circumstances. For more information about our LED lighting solutions for outdoor parks and recreational areas, get in touch with Yibai LED Lighting!

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