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Using High Mast Lighting

The most effective, adaptable, and powerful LED high-mast luminaires are now available from Yibai LED Lighting. A variety of standard light distributions and improved glare-free illumination are two of its most notable qualities. Because of this, Yibai LED Lighting luminaires offer clear illumination without causing visual discomfort.

Modern technology is used to create Yibai LED Lighting high-mast luminaires, which offer efficiency, glare control, homogeneity of light, rapid on/off controls, and dimming controls. Additionally, they are extremely versatile, flicker-free, and energy-efficient. Additionally, Yibai’s unique optics produce superior light dispersion and beam spreads to meet a variety of purposes, all while allowing customers to save up to 65% on energy expenses in comparison to more conventional lighting.

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High Mast Lighting: What Is It?

An area lighting system designed to illuminate a sizable land area is called a high mast lighting system. These lights are often placed on top of a tall pole and pointed downward. Due to its durability, excellent performance, and affordability, high-mast LED lighting has emerged as the most efficient means to illuminate roadways, large outdoor spaces, railway yards, sporting stadiums, parking lots, and airports.

High-mast LED lighting is frequently mounted on poles 40 to 150 feet high. Usually, two to sixteen lights are mounted on each pole. High mast lighting systems are a great option for luminaries since they are robust and durable enough to withstand the worst external weather conditions, providing even illumination over a large area.

High Mast Lighting Applications

Numerous options for lighting in various locations are provided by high mast lighting, including:

  • Highways and roads
  • Parking garages
  • Sports arenas
  • Railroad sidings
  • Shipyards
  • Warehouses
  • Rest stops and truck stops
  • Outdoor recreation spaces and parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Storage areas

In big spaces or locations where powerful lighting is necessary, high mast lighting offers security, safety, and clear visibility locations for high mast lights.

What Are Some HID High Mast Fixture Common Problems?

Yibai LED Lighting provides modern LED illumination technology for high masts. They represent a significant advancement over conventional high mast lighting methods like high-intensity discharge (HID) illumination. However, employing HID bulbs for outdoor lighting applications might lead to some typical problems.


When choosing the best lighting for an application, performance is a key consideration. For instance, metal halide lamps might emit a whiter light, but they also suffer from fast lumen degradation, which means that soon after installation, the lamps’ light output starts to fall down quickly. However, compared to metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps have a longer application life due to reduced brightness deterioration. However, the light’s CRI is extremely low and its color leans orange. High-pressure sodium (HPS) lights have a long lifespan but provide a lower-quality light visually.

Cost of Maintenance

Maintenance costs are sometimes a big issue with industrial site lighting applications like high mast illumination. Along with possible problems with light longevity, high mast fixtures can obstruct customers’ or employees’ regular tasks while changing a lamp or a ballast. Over the course of three years, the labor and material costs for a single exterior HID high mast fixture can easily reach $2,000.

Yibai LED lights do not require replacement or maintenance nearly as frequently because they have a substantially longer lifespan and can resist exposure to the harshest environments. Customers benefit from a decrease in worker injury risk as well as maintenance and replacement costs.

Energy Bill Savings

For typical high mast installations, HID bulb wattages range from 400 to 2,000 watts. Wattage causes an increase in light output. The current wattages utilized depend on a number of factors, including the quantity, spacing, mounting height, and purpose for which the area is to be lit. A few 1000w or 2000w high-pressure sodium high mast lights, which are the most common wattages for existing high mast lighting, can have yearly operating expenses as high as $6,300 and $12,500, respectively.

High-mast LED luminaires are much cheaper and don’t need to warm up.

What Advantages Do Outdoor LED High Mast Lights Offer?

The benefit that LED high mast lights provide outweighs almost all of the drawbacks of employing HID lights. Because they use less energy, they are cheaper to run. They live longer and can survive in the most extreme weather as a result. Twice as long as HID lights, LED luminaires have an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Less maintenance costs and replacement needs result from this.

They offer steady, even, transparent lighting. Additionally, LEDs can produce light with a color temperature between 2,700K and 7,000K. High mast luminaries from Yibai LED Lighting may be dimmed as desired and switched on and off immediately without having to warm up.

Yibai LED Lighting’s High-Mast Luminaires

Yibai’s high-mast lighting systems have an uncomplicated form, intelligent functionality, and approachable usability. Four well-liked lumen output bundles are available from 20W to 1920W with a luminaire efficiency of 150lm/W. Contact us to learn more!

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