Gymnasium Lighting Solutions

Finding the ideal location for the showers and for the floor is only one aspect of a gym’s design. One of the most crucial choices you can make when deciding whether a gym will succeed or fail is the lighting.

Do you prefer bright, energizing lighting or low, dreamy lighting? Although bright lighting appears ideal, can it ever be too bright? Your gym should have a neat, contemporary, and inviting appearance. You can ramble on and on about what color to paint the walls. The lighting will be the main determining factor.

Creating A Contemporary Gym

It’s time to abandon traditional lighting while creating a modern gym because of its cost, demanding maintenance requirements, and other drawbacks. Instead, now is the greatest time to think about investing in energy-efficient and affordable LED luminaires that are specifically made to highlight your gym’s best qualities.

Indoors, choose lighter hues over darker ones. The lighter colors will seem less confining and contrast less with your lighting fixtures, as well as do more to reduce overall glare.

People working out on weight machines and other equipment spend more time looking upward, which makes gym lighting distinct from typical lighting setups. This calls for the installation of a low surface luminaire. Traditional lighting can provide considerable glare, which can be distracting and uncomfortable for anyone who are forced to stare at it for an extended period of time. In order to prevent this, using luminaires with a diffuse white lens is crucial.

Guidelines for LED gym lighting (1)

In connection with that, many pieces of gym equipment, including treadmills and cross-trainers, have control panels that are sloping. This may cause reflections that make it challenging to read the screen in many regular lighting situations. Avoid using luminaires with bright reflector lenses in this situation. Another consideration when choosing lighting with a white diffuse lens is the use of wall-mounted display panels in some gyms.

The Best Lighting Fixtures to Choose

Some gyms continue to use fluorescent tube lighting despite newer, more complete alternatives being available. Fluorescent tubes are being phased out as the cost of LED luminaires continues to fall. In addition to using less energy, LED lighting is also often a safer option.

Traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures include mercury vapor and other substances that could be harmful to nearby people’s health. LED lighting is a safer alternative because it doesn’t contain those same dangerous chemicals. In addition to being significantly more durable than skinny fluorescent tubes, LED lights are also less likely to break, making them less likely to immediately cause physical harm.

Yibai LED High Bay Luminaries would be a fantastic option for illuminating your gym. You’ll notice a right away enhancement in the room’s visual comfort. Yiabi LED luminaires are the closest to natural sunlight in this class of illumination due to their color rendering index of better than 85 (CRI>85). A patented glare-free design that lessens light spillage and overall glare (UGR-19) is one of its additional characteristics, making it perfect for usage in an indoor gym. A cozy, well-lit environment is guaranteed with Yibai LED luminaires.

A wise financial decision

Is a budget a factor? Efficiency and cost reductions are crucial because schools and communities who sponsor gyms sometimes operate on a limited budget. Yibai LED High Bay luminaires can reduce your energy consumption by up to 83 percent when compared to conventional lighting alternatives. These savings quickly accumulate over time and more than pay for themselves.

The fact that Yibai LED High Bay luminaires survive a lot longer than conventional lighting is another aspect of their cost-effectiveness. They don’t need to be replaced and can stay in place for years. Not only will you spend less money on the electricity to run the lights, but you’ll also spend less money on replacements and work coordinating those replacements.

Designed to Last

We already noted how delicate some traditional lighting configurations may be. With Yibai LED luminaires, that’s not a problem. These fixtures can survive continuous vibration and harsh impact tests that meet or exceed all national and international standards. They have undergone rigorous tests, including ANSI 3G testing. Even in the most demanding gym situations, you can install Yibai LED luminaires with confidence that they will provide the greatest lighting for years to come.

The Total Adds Up

Why, in all honesty, wouldn’t you select Yibai LED solutions for your gym? When compared to many alternative gym lighting configurations, these lights offer significant energy savings, more equal and balanced lighting, reduced glare, and sturdy environmental design.

However, when you total everything up, Yibai LED luminaires are the finest option. View our catalog right away!

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