LED Field Lighting for Lacrosse

Outdoor sporting events are increasingly being organized in the nights due to the current schedules of school, work, and daily life. It’s crucial to have the finest lighting possible for sports like lacrosse. On the field, it improves performance and makes for safer play.

Additionally, it is a wise financial decision.

Yibai LED lighting is the greatest potential solution to meet your needs out of all the outdoor sports lighting options that are accessible to you.

Safeguard Yourself With Greater Visual Clarity

Sports fields can be dangerous locations. Serious injuries can happen in any sport. Lacrosse has a stick and a hard rubber ball, thus there is a real risk of injury. Visibility is essential to lowering risk for players as a result.

The good news is that Yibai LED lighting offers bright illumination with a color rendering index as similar as feasible to that of direct sunshine. Colors appear how they were intended to. The players can see the field more clearly since yellow balls are yellow and white balls are white.

By dramatically decreasing glare in addition to the standard benefits of LED illumination, Yibai LED luminaires go above and beyond. Even when playing after dark, players are as safe as possible thanks to this improved quality of illumination.

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Better experience for spectators

Players profit from Yibai LED luminaires, but spectators also gain from them. Fans can view the game more clearly and take in the event more when glare is reduced and colors are accurately represented.

Happier fans are better for business because they’ll attend more games. Who wouldn’t want the stands to be full? Yibai LED illumination makes that very obvious to see.

How about the fans watching games from TV?

Lighting is important if your nighttime lacrosse game needs to be televised or webcast. Even when lighting for 4K and HD TV audiences, Yibai LED luminaires’ glare-reducing and proper color rendering features ensure the best illumination for broadcasting.

Yibai LED Lighting is Long-Lasting

The proven track record for longevity of Yibai LED lighting is another excellent incentive to employ it in your field.

The first people to tell you that replacing lamps or luminaires is not an easy or quick process are field maintenance staff. Even with the best tools, they are typically positioned on high mounts that can be challenging to access. Because of this, maintenance teams prefer lighting systems that are durable.

Less time, energy, and effort will be required to replace burnt-out units the longer a light’s lifespan. Exclusive thermal management features found in Yibai LED luminaires lessen the amount of heat that lighting technology is exposed to. Compared to alternative LED outdoor lighting options and conventional outdoor lighting systems, they have a much longer lifespan.

Win with Yibai LED luminaires

When it doesn’t offer the greatest lighting for the longest period of time, why employ outdated, less dependable lighting for your playing field?

Instead, Yibai LED Luminaires outperformed conventional lighting in all respects, including price, upkeep, safety, efficiency, and performance. There is just one optimal way to illuminate your lacrosse field.

Yibai LED is prepared to assist you if it’s time for you to profit from LED illumination for your outside grounds. Learn more about our LED luminaires and how they will illuminate your outdoor spaces unlike any other lighting ever has.

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