Government facilities’ lighting solutions

It’s long past time to replace conventional lighting with LED lighting when thinking about lighting options for your city or town. With the help of new lighting technology, public spaces, streets, highways, government buildings, and more can benefit from greater lighting and increased security at lower operational costs. The Yibai LED Lighting Nova Series LED area lighting fixtures fill that need.

The Nova Series of LED Lights are now available

For municipal, high school, collegiate, recreational indoor, and outdoor applications, Yibai LED lighting’s Nova Series is created. Their unique optics produce the best beam angles and light distribution for a variety of applications while using less energy than more conventional lighting sources. Additionally, the clean illumination of Nova Series lights prevents eye strain.

Taking budgets into consideration. Your monthly utility bills will go down, maintenance costs will go down, and your bottom line will go up thanks to the 100,000-hour lifespan of Nova Series lights. The Nova Series is just what you need if you want to build a cutting-edge lighting system for your streets, entertainment and commercial areas, governmental buildings, and parks. 

Guidelines for government faclilities lighting solutions
Public Lighting

Every town and city needs a carefully designed roadway system, and good illumination makes streets safer for both automobiles and pedestrians. Additionally, energy-efficient LED street lighting that can cut expenses by up to 70% is highly valued by city and town budgets.

Residents of towns and cities are in favor of well-lit streets, walkways, and surroundings. Your public spaces are safer when LED lighting is brighter and more evenly distributed because it improves vision and lowers crime.

Outdoor spaces, such as streets, highways, parking lots, and pedestrian zones, are perfect for LED lights like those in Nova Series. They do so uniformly and with minimal energy expense, in addition to providing the necessary surface lighting. In the Nova Series, for instance, there is two well-liked lumen packages ideal for street lighting: 500W with 69,200 delivered lumens suitable for street lights and residential areas, and 750W with 97,000 delivered lumens ideal for high-positioned highway posts.

Additionally, LED lights have a far longer lifespan, can withstand any weather, and don’t produce too much heat.

Districts for entertainment and shopping

Downtown districts that are pedestrian-friendly and filled with restaurants, hotels, and shops are prized gathering places for both residents and tourists. Opportunities for socializing are now more important than ever due to the recent relaxation of COVID regulations.

The main objective of outside building and entertainment lighting is to produce eye-catching surroundings while also providing a space with adequate lighting. Any area, including patios, outdoor stages, water features, and bridges, may look more beautiful with the right lighting. You may animate external spaces at night with lighting solutions like Nova Series.

Municipal facilities

In addition to low- and high-rise buildings, water treatment centers, departmental offices, animal shelters, libraries, and police stations can all be referred to as “city facilities.” Indoor and outdoor lighting are many constructions’ most important components. Spending a lot of time in front of lights can have a negative effect on your health, mood, and productivity, therefore you should use the finest lighting possible.

This is especially crucial for older structures with insufficient window access to natural light. Lighting from the Nova Series can be retrofitted into existing structures. Most of the time, energy incentives and rebates apply to these lighting modifications, so you can usually get a return on your investment.

Areas for Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreational facilities are prized assets in communities where health and safety are primary priorities. Therefore, whether parks in the midst of cities or a pick-up sports field on the outskirts of towns, good illumination is a need. Parking lots, sidewalks, and trails must be well-lit for park visitors’ safety. The same is true for illuminating outdoor sports fields at night; strong, economical LED illumination is essential.

It’s crucial to remember that LED lighting decreases the kind of leakage that causes light pollution, even though it improves patrons’ nighttime safety. Residents who don’t want to be bothered by bright lights as well as sensitive wildlife habitats may benefit from this.

With State-of-the-Art Technology for Efficiency, Glare Control, and Uniformity, the High Performance of Nova Series Luminaires features

  • Dimming with instant on/off
  • Complete controllability
  • Glare reduction
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Ensure flicker-free illumination
  • Unified Glare Rating (UGR) less than 19 
  • Color Rendition Index (CRI) over 85

Towns and cities use flexible, economical lighting to meet a variety of demands, from streets and roads to office buildings and parks. They are extremely cost-effective, safe, and energy-efficient. 

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