Along with the LED lighting technology develops, more and more people accept high-power LED street lights for their urban lighting. Also more and more city governments and private owners are willing to upgrade their lighting systems to LED, because of the huge benefits of energy-saving. With high performance, operational efficiency, exceeding long lifetime, and environment-friendly features, the LED lighting industry has achieved rapid growth all over the world in the past decade.

YIBAI LED LIGHTING even wins more customers’ trust, based on advanced development concepts, professional skills, high-quality products, value price, and fast delivery service, to become a leader in the LED lighting industry. Thousands of YIBAI LED Street lights have been installed in different cities in Spain since 2012, now they already have proven their surprising performance!

Yibai LED street light Golf Pitch project in Spain (2)

High Power LED Street Lights used in this replacement golf pitch lighting project: 120W Melo to replace the old 250W HPS & 400W MH lights.

Melo Series LED Street light consumes 120w and produces 19200lm flux

This is another good news coming from our distributor in Spain, 65 units of YIBAI Melo series LED street lights with asymmetrical light distribution were successfully installed on a Golf Pitch in Sevilla Spain.

As you saw in the photo, we installed the Melo LED Street Light 120W to replace the original 250W older lamps. Some of them are using two Melo street lights to replace the 400W MH lamps. Normally, the illumination requirement of Golf Pitch is 100-150 lux (not for TV broadcast), and the uniformity required is > 0.5. As per our client’s testing at the site, we get 120-140 lux on the ground, which is around twice the brightness of the traditional lights.

Yibai LED street light Golf Pitch project in Spain (3)

For any questions or needs on the golf pitch lighting project or LED street lighting project, please feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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