High Bay LED Light is, as its name implies, an LED light for spaces with high ceilings. You have come to the right site if you have questions about the different varieties, features, and operation of LED high bay luminaire. All of your queries will be addressed in this article.

As the name suggests, High Bay means it is an LED light designed specifically to brighten up large spaces with large ceilings. You can use the high bay lights for ceilings ranging from 20 – 45 feet in height from the ground. It is a powerful light that can illuminate a larger area. These lights are best solutions for commercial use like industries, workshops, and warehouses. High bay LED lights are available in various styles and shapes. Depending on the desired space, you can buy a perfect LED high bay light for your facility.

LED high bay light fittings are available in different sizes and styles. 

You may choose the fitting according to your space. Linear and round LED high bay fitting illuminates more area as compared to strip LED high bay fitting. You can install the LED high bay light fittings on the ceiling in the following ways:

  • Loop hanging (suspended by hooks, chains or pendants)
  • Adjustable surface mounting (directly to the ceiling)

Generally, LED high bay lights produce over 10,000 lumens, which means enough light to illuminate a large space easily.

High bay LED light fixtures are energy-efficient replacements for the existing metal halide high bay (HID) light and high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. High bay LED lights are popularly used in spaces with wide-area and high ceilings. It may include warehouses, gyms, commercial places, halls, storage spaces, and industries.

The strong lumen production capacity of these lights ensures a fully lit space. Mostly the ceiling height ranges from 20 – 40 feet. To light up this big area, generally, reflectors are used inside the high bay LED lights.

The reflectors help to consume the maximum amount of light by reflecting it on the ground.

There are many types and models available in the market for LED high bay light fittings. If we take an overview of its specifications, we will get to know that:

  • It consumes 50 – 1000 watts
  • It is available in variable sizes
  • It can produce lumens ranging from 7000 – 150,000 lm
  • Its lumen efficiency goes from 140lm/w – 200lm/w
  • It enjoys a 5 or 10 years warranty time
  • Its working temperature varies between -35℃ – +65℃
  • It has a life span of 100,000 hours
  • It has an optional dimmable option ranging from 0 – 10V
  • Different color temperatures are available in LED high bay fittings
  • Round high bay LED light. It is a round-shaped high bay LED light fixture. It is also known as UFO light because of its saucer shape. It is an easy-to-install LED high bay luminaire. You can use it in spaces with a 13 feet ceiling or an area with 25 feet high ceiling. It is suitable for open commercial places.
  • Linear LED high bay fitting. The most commonly used high bay lights are the linear LED high bay lights because of their lumen efficiency. Linear high bay fittings can be long and wide or long and skinny. You may choose the light’s style and wattage according to your need. Smaller spaces need less wattage, whereas commercial areas like a retail store with many shelves need more wattage lights.
  • Strip LED high bay luminaire. These LED high bay luminaires look fancy when you place them together on the ceiling. However, these lights are not suitable for a ceiling higher than 14 feet. That doesn’t mean that it cannot lit the space. Put the strips together to attain your desired light.

LED high bay lights are available in variable sizes. The dimensions of the LED high bay fitting depend on the wattage. Different models with the same wattage also vary in size.

For example, a 50W round LED high bay light’s dimensions are 270 x 270 x 165mm, and the dimensions of a 150W round high bay LED light fixture are 380 x 380 x 176mm.

In a different model, the dimensions of a 50W round LED high bay fixture is 495 x 440 x 425mm.

Similarly, in a linear LED high bay light fixture, the dimensions vary in different models with variable wattage. For example, a 90W linear LED high bay light’s dimensions are 23.8” x 12.6” x 3.62”. You may get the same sized linear LED high bay light with 160W.

The purpose of both floodlights and LED high bay lights is to illuminate a larger space from a height. The differences between the two lights are as follows:

  • Usually, we use floodlights in outdoor places like playing fields or concerts. LED high bay light fixtures illuminate industries, warehouses, and other commercial facilities with high ceilings.
  • High bay LED lights work by mounting on the ceiling only. In contrast, floodlights may work in spaces without any mounting arrangements. For instance, in construction sites or illuminating the outer of a building, you can place floodlights on the floor.
  • LED high bay lights to have less glare as compared to floodlights.
  • We use high bay LED light fixtures in places that have a 20 – 45 feet high ceiling. In comparison, LED low bay lights to brighten up large areas with a ceiling height ranging from 12 – 20 feet.
  • High bay LED light fixture is 150W or more than that. In contrast, low bay LED lights are usually 60 – 100W.
  • We use particular lens angles to enhance the lighting effects of a LED high bay fitting. It helps LED high bay light fittings to spread the light evenly in the whole area.

In comparison, low bay light does not need any reflectors or optic lenses to spread the light evenly on the surface. However, in some low bay LED lights, lens angles help spread the light further or direct the light towards a specific place.

  • The beam angle of LED high bay light fixtures is 60 or 90 degree or narrower. The beam angle of a LED low bay light normally is 120 degree.
  • You can find LED high bay luminaires usually in factories, airport hangar, and warehouses. Low bay LED lights mostly brighten up grocery stores, retail stores, and workshops.
  • LED high bay fixtures do not cause glare because of the narrow beam angle. In comparison, the low bay LED lights have a wider beam angle that causes glare.

Linear LED high bay fixtures are the replacement lights for fluorescent tube lights. Extensive indoor facilities with high ceilings are adequately lit by these linear high bay LED light fixtures.

  • Linear high bay LED fixture is a long rectangular light fitting. You can install it by suspending it from the ceiling or by mounting it on the surface.
  • Circular LED high bay light fittings cast circular beams, whereas a rectangular high bay LED light fixture casts rectangular rays. It is suitable for rectangular workplaces.
  • The focused light output of linear LED high bay fixtures ensures evenly distributed illumination.
  • Linear LED high bay fixtures provide higher illumination in less than 70% wattage than a fluorescent light.
  • The long life of LED high bay luminaires plays a vital role in cutting down maintenance costs.
  • Linear LED high bay light fixtures are suitable to brighten up spaces containing aisles like commercial or retail warehouses.
  • Linear LED high bay fixtures distribute light in a rectangular shape.
  • LED linear high bay luminaires are suitable for corridors, shelves, and warehouses.
  • Best high bay LED lights linearly in shape either surface mounted or suspended from the ceiling.
  • Linear LED high bay fitting projects rectangular beams, distributing light effectively in all areas.
  • Circular high bay LED light fixtures spread the light in a circular shape.
  • Circular high bay LED light fixtures are suitable for places like conference halls and event centers.
  • Circular LED high bay fixtures are easy-to-install. It does not require any special installation equipment or labor.
  • Circular LED high bay luminaire projects a conical beam usually 90 or 120 degrees.

Suspend it on the ceiling by a chain or mount it directly on the ceiling. Let’s see how to install linear LED high bay light fittings.

Hanging Installation

It is a method to install LED high bay light fixtures using a chain.

  • Disconnect the power supply
  • Open up the junction box located at the back of the LED high bay fitting.
  • Connect the wires like – black to live and white to neutral.
  • Connect the green wire to the ground.
  • There are two other wires for dimming – the purple and grey wires. These two wires are for dimming options. If you do not need the dimming option, leave the wires unconnected.
  • Once you have done the wiring, close the box and tighten the screw.
  • Hook up the chains at both sides of your LED high bay luminaire.
  • Your LED high bay fitting is ready to affix onto the rail.
  • In the end, connect it to the power supply.
¾ NPT Installation

It is a safe (shock-proof) hanging installation of a linear LED high bay luminaire.

  • Disconnect the power supply.
  • Install the steel pipe to the ceiling with which you will hang your LED high bay fitting.
  • Use ¾ NPT to attach the U-shaped brackets to the steel pipe.
  • Affix the LED high bay fixture to the frames and tighten the screws.
  • Switch on the power supply.
Pendant Installation

This method is almost the same as ¾ NPT installations, but it requires 2 U-shaped brackets.

  • Disconnect the power supply.
  • Affix the 2 U-shaped brackets directly onto the ceiling or the suspended crossbar. The distance between the two U-shaped brackets must be according to the holes’ space on the light.
  • Affix your LED high bay fixture to the U-shaped brackets on both sides.
  • Tighten the screws and plug the power supply.

LED high bay light fittings to aim to illuminate indoor facilities with over 20 feet high ceiling. The height of high bay LED light fixtures ranges from 20 – 40 feet. If you use LED high bay light fixtures on a 12 – 15 feet high ceiling, it will illuminate the facility but cost is too high. High bay LED light fixtures use more wattage to produce more lumens. High wattage consumption means increased energy costs. Therefore, we recommend choosing high bay LED light fixtures for ceilings above 20 feet. For ceilings below 20 feet, you may choose low bay LED lights.

You can use smart lighting control systems with your high bay LED light fixtures. You can attach a simple-to-use high bay gateway with your high bay LED light fixtures. It can

  • Turn on and off your light
  • dim your LED high bay luminaire
  • control the lights in groups
  • schedule the lights

There are different types of high bay lights for the high-ceilings and open spaces of industries and warehouses, like M.H., HPS, fluorescent lamp, and LED high bay light. Why we should choose LED high bay light fixtures?

LED High Bay Fixtures V.S. MH (Metal Halide) High Bay Lights

Despite illuminating ample space effectively, M.H. high bay lights have a long warm-up time, high maintenance cost, flickering, and wasted light. In comparison, LED high bay light fixtures do not flicker, no wasted light, and have a long life with low maintenance cost.

Best High Bay LED Lights V.S. HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) Lights

Although HPS lights provide high energy efficiency and a long lifespan, they are not as efficient as LED high bay fittings. With a quick warm-up time and long lifespan, high bay LED light fixtures to become a better choice.

LED High Bay Luminaire V.S. Fluorescent High Bay Light

Fluorescent lights contain hazardous mercury and phosphor. Fluorescent lights need a ballast to provide you with stabilized light. On the contrary, LED high bay fixtures do not need ballast. Moreover, LED high bay luminaires do not contain any hazardous material.

You can fully illuminate any sizeable indoor facility with a ceiling above 20 feet with high bay LED lights.

  • Warehouses
  • Industries
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Conference halls
  • Departmental stores
  • Community centers
  • Recreational centers
  • High bay LED light fixtures to illuminate the industry efficiently.
  • Workers can work day and night effectively in a fully lit facility.
  • Low maintenance and low energy cost effects positively on the annual budgeting of the industry.
  • No glare and no hazardous emissions interrupt labor efficiency.

Listed below are few advantages of high bay LED light fixtures:

  • Save energy
  • Save cost
  • Low maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Low heat emission
  • Long lifespan
  • Eco-friendly
  • Available with dimming options

It is a type of LED high bay luminaire that is dust, moisture, and corrosion-resistant. These lights are suitable for harsh environmental conditions, like indoor swimming pools, food processing plants, and cold storage industries.

Vapor tight LED high bay light fittings are used in places with harsh environmental conditions. Places like cold stores, car wash, and food processing plants are brightly lit with vapor tight LED high bay luminaires.

The benefits of vapor tight LED high bay light fixtures are:

  • Better color rendering
  • Efficient lumen output
    Long life
  • Low maintenance
  • Less energy consumption
  • No wasted energy as heat
  • Low electricity bills
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Dust-resistant
  • Fire-resistant
  • Neat and clean lens

No, LED lights do not contain mercury. It doesn’t contain or emit UV, mercury, or phosphor. It is safe for health and environment-friendly.

Yes, LED high bay light fixtures are specifically designed to resist moisture and water. Whether UFO or linear high bay LED light fixtures, they are best to illuminate your industry. The IP66 enclosures help to prevent the light from powerful water jets.

Moreover, the specific vapor tight LED high bay light fixtures are water-resistant. You can trust these lights in harsh conditions.

Reflectors help to minimize the glare. They help the LED high bay luminaire to distribute the light evenly to a larger area.

Types of Reflectors
  • Aluminum reflectors. It helps the light to flow directly from the fixture to the floor.
  • Prismatic reflectors. It creates a diffused light mostly useful for shelves and aisles.

Reflectors come in many shapes and sizes. For additional control over the light, sometimes reflectors have sub-lens.

It is a round disc-shaped LED high bay luminaire. It is available in variable sizes. UFO LED high bay light fixtures to contain an aluminum optic lens that helps distribute the light effectively in your facility. It saves you from putting extra reflectors with the UFO high bay LED light fixtures. The inbuilt optic lens makes the LED high bay luminaire compact and easy-to-install. 

LED strip lights are another way to illuminate your large spaces with high ceilings. LED strip lights are available in variable lengths. We recommend you use multiple LED strip lights together to get better lighting results. LED strip lights not only save energy but also give a trendy look to your facility. Here you can see the difference between fluorescent high bays and strip LED high bay fitting.

It is a state-of-the-art LED high bay fitting. Sensors are attached to the LED high bay luminaire. When they sense motion underneath, the light gives 100% light, and when no one is around, the light provides 30% light. Motions sensors help to cut-down your electricity bills. You can attach these sensors to any high bay LED light fixtures.

Yibai LED Lighting is one of the China’s leading best high bay LED lights manufacturer. With over 10-year of experience and a wide range of international certifications YIBAI LED Lighting is serving you with high-quality LED high bay fixtures. You can trust us for illuminating your large spaces like industries, airports, warehouses, and departmental stores. Contact us for any queries.

Before buying LED high bay light fixtures, you must consider:

  • Choose the product shape according to your requirement.
  • Always buy the best high bay LED lights.
  • Please do not go for low-cost lights. Their low-quality will result in less efficiency and short life.
  • Make sure the LED driver is as efficient and high-quality as the LED high bay light itself.
  • Buy LED high bay light fixtures that have a future-proof design.

Yes, YIBAI LED Lighting values your investments therefore we manufactures high bay LED light fixtures that enjoy 5 – 10years warranty time.

The lumen efficiency of high bay LED light fixtures vary in different models. It can be 140lm/w, 150lm/w, 170lm/w, 190lm/w, or according to your requirement.

Wattage selection depends on the ceiling height of the warehouse. The wattage LED high bay light fittings to use range from 50 to 1000 watts. The amount of lumens produced per watt helps you to choose the best high bay LED lights for your space. For example, for a 25 feet high ceiling, you must choose an LED high bay luminaire that produces almost 25,000 lumens. If light makes 200lm/w, you need to have a 120 – 150 watt LED high bay light fitting.

The working voltage of LED high bay light fittings varies in different models. For instance, AC85 – 265V, AC100 – 277V / 347V, AC200 – 240V; 50/60Hz. You may choose the appropriate working voltage according to your local electricity supply.

If we compare an LED high bay fitting’s wattage to a regular HID high bay light, we find a remarkable difference between the two. For example, an LED high bay fitting works on 95 – 495 watts. An HID high bay light, producing the same amount of lumens, works on 175 – 1000 watts. So, shifting from HID to LED high bay fitting reduces 40 – 60% energy consumption.

The various color temperatures of best high bay LED lights are:

  • 3000 – 3500K
  • 4000 – 4500K
  • 5000 – 5500K
  • 6000 – 6500K

One of the vital reasons why LED high bay luminaires are spreading worldwide is its long lifespan. Its average lifespan is 50,000 hours. However, some LED high bay light manufacturers claim over 100,000 hours of rated lifespan.

You can leave your LED high bay light fixtures on for 24 hours, seven days a week. It is only because LED lights tend to emit a minimal amount of heat. Leaving your LED high bay fitting on 24/7 is possible only if you have installed high-quality LED high bay fixtures in your industry. Otherwise, it will get overheated and can cause damage to the light.

Best high bay LED lights can work in temperatures ranging from -35 degrees to +65 degrees. However, LED high bay light fixtures to work best in cooler environments. Working in hot temperatures or more current supply can negatively affect the high bay’s efficiency.

The specific vapour tight LED high bay light fixtures are suitable for facilities like cold storage. The moisture-resistant vapour tight LED high bay luminaire brightens up your facility without getting damaged. Moreover, LED high bay fixtures works efficiently in cool temperatures.

Yes, YIBAI LED Lighting can manufacture your best high bay LED lights according to your choice. Material, shape, size, lumen efficiency, reflectors, or sensors, you give us your requirements. Our highly-qualified engineers will craft the LED high bay light fittings according to your demand.

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