LED street lights are essential safety equipment for streets and highways where visibility is critical. It is so important because good roadway lights and led street lights can not only help distinguish between a pedestrian and a car zone. However, it can also assist drivers in distinguishing their surroundings and route, as well as provide pedestrians with the necessary safety. Roadway lights and led street lights can also improve the overall design of a road and its surroundings. Yibai LED Lighting is a leading supplier of LED street lights, to buy LED street light why we strongly advise you our Melo series.

Melo Series LED street light Significant Benefits:

  • The smooth housing allows for easy cleaning and reduces the accumulation of water and dust.
  • An additional protective vent can keep lighting fixtures from fogging and frosting.
  • Tempered glass and a PC lens form a double layer of protection.
  • A well-designed buckle makes fixture maintenance much easier.
  • Unique structure design; 
  • Complete lighting distribution series, TYPE II, III, IV, V.
  • NEMA SOCKET 3Pin, 5Pin and 7Pin are available.

It is important to note that the main advantage of Melo series is the driver option; this fixture is compatible with both Class II and Class I drivers in the TRIDONIC, Inventronics, Philips driver. Class II drivers make fixtures much safer, and this will become a popular market trend.

Power Range:

  • Mini: 20/30/40W
  • Small: 50/60/70W
  • Medium:80/90/100/120W
  • Large:150/180W/200W

These 4 sizes are intended to make fixtures more energy efficient and cost effective. The installation process takes only one minute. It can be rotated 90° vertically with an adptor. There are four types of Spigot available to meet all project requirements for roadway lighting. Even 76MM is rare in the market, it is easily obtained from Yibai Lighting.

For more details about Melo series smart street light, pleas feel free to contact us directly.

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