The New Year has arrived, and so have many new seasons of your favorite sports. You need the right lighting whether you are running a gym, managing an indoor swimming pool, supervising an indoor stadium, or caring for an indoor arena. Here’s a closer look at what to look for in a sports lighting manufacturer as you plan your LED flood light replacements for the coming year.

Sports Facility Lighting Must Be Dependable

When a light goes out, your team or customers are unable to use the facility effectively. You need to know that your lighting will be the dependable day in and day out, even after hours and hours of use. After all, every time a lamp burns out, you have to get out of the lift and head up there to fix it, so you need to know you can rely on your lighting to provide consistent illumination for years to come. Yibai LED Luminaires have proprietary technology that significantly increases their expected lifespan, eliminating costly maintenance.

Make Sure That Your Lighting Is Efficient

Sports facilities must also be efficient. You will leave your lighting on for the majority of the day, especially if your facility is heavily used. The more energy it takes to power your lighting, the higher your operating costs. Making the switch to LED lighting for your sports facility is one way to ensure that your lighting is more efficient this year. LED lighting improves visibility and efficiency both indoors and outdoors. Yibai LED Luminaires are among the most energy-efficient options in their class, providing excellent visibility without high operating costs.

Give your players the gift of accurate color rendering

Color rendering is an important aspect of gym or arena lighting that many people overlook. Gyms are notorious for being lit with harsh lighting that distorts colors, causing eye strain in both players and spectators. Investing in lighting that provides accurate color rendering can help to alleviate this issue and provide a more enjoyable experience for players and fans. With a color rendering index of more than 85, YIBAI LED Luminaires provide color that is as close to natural light as possible, removing this issue and providing you with the right look for your facility. With a CRI of > 85, your space will also be ready for 4K/HD TV broadcasting, allowing you to showcase your facilities even more.

Long-Lasting, Well-Constructed Lighting

Lighting in gyms and other indoor sporting venues can take a beating. Lighting that can withstand being bumped, hit, or jarred by flying balls or other equipment is required. Durable, heavy-duty construction, such as that found with Yibai LED, is an important feature for the gym or arena lighting.

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Yibai LED, Your Reliable Sports Lighting Supplier

Yibai LED sports lighting provides the variety you require while also providing the durability and efficiency you require. Yibai LED, one of the leading sports lighting manufacturers with truly innovative products, offers the industry’s most dependable, longest-lasting LED luminaires. Switch from your current lighting to Yibai LED luminaires today to ensure your sports facility has the proper lighting from a reputable sports lighting company.

Flood lights spread light over a large area, but they must often be mounted on high posts to do their job properly. This means that businesses must look for options that require minimal maintenance and replacement on a regular basis. Yibai LED Flood Light Luminaires are the ideal solution for this requirement. If you’re looking for flood light replacements and want energy-efficient, low-maintenance options that will last for years, look no further than Yibai LED Luminaires.

Yibai LED Luminaires Improve Efficiency and Lower Costs

Why should you consider Yibai LED flood light replacements? For starters, these are the market’s longest-lasting LED luminaires. They use proprietary technology to keep critical LED components cool, extending their lifespan significantly. They will last significantly longer than traditional HID light sources, resulting in greater dependability and lower maintenance costs.

The Yibai LED Luminaires are also the most efficient in their class. Yibai LED offers several models with lumen outputs ranging from 33,100 to 105,000 and wattage options ranging from 230W to 750W, equivalent to 1,000W to 4,000W HID lighting sources.

Yibai LED replacement flood light luminaires are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The weather-tight design is suitable for all applications, including wet or seaside ones. These dependable and efficient luminaries can be easily replaced wherever a flood light is needed.

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Yibai LED improves visibility and visual comfort

Yibai LED Luminaires were designed not only to improve reliability and efficiency but also to improve visual comfort. These luminaires are designed to provide glare-free illumination. This reduces shadows in the field of vision and improves the overall visual comfort of the people as well as the facility’s aesthetics. It also has one of the best color renditions available, with a color rendering index of more than 85, displaying colors as they should be. Uniform, consistent light levels with minimal lumen depreciation throughout the luminaire’s lifespan contributes to the improved visibility and visual comfort achieved with these solutions.

The Best Uses for Yibai LED Flood Light Replacement Luminaires

Yibai LED flood light replacement luminaires can be used in any industry that requires efficient, bright, and long-lasting flood lights, such as:

  • Airports
  • Seaports
  • Construction
  • Corrosive environments
  • Mining
  • Roadways
  • Marine environments
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Outdoor stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Natatoriums

If you need a floodlight replacement and want to take advantage of the power of LED, start your search with Yibai LED. Our proprietary technology distinguishes our LED flood light replacements products as the best in the industry, delivering powerful light while using a fraction of the energy.

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