With Halo series high efficiency LED low bay lights, our Russian customer opts for sustainability and an even better shopping experience in more than 100 stores.

The projects challenge

Customers wanted to put in high energy-efficient LED lighting in their stores. Their aim was to point out products to their best advantage and to save lots of costs. Yibai LED low bay light Halo series was chosen for 120 stores. With high efficacy Halo series low bay light, the customer only pays for the sunshine, not for the lamps.

Lighting Solutions

The customer opted for 2 sorts of LED lighting: Halo series low bay light for stores with low ceilings and special LED pendant luminaires for stores with higher ceilings. All other areas like the warehouses, offices, wardrobes, restrooms, and sawmills were also fitted with energy-efficient LED luminaires. The pendant luminaires were specially designed for the shopping mall. Because they’re made with the highest lighting efficiency of around 190lm/W through top quality product manufacturing, they ensure a particularly low CO2 footprint.

“In our aisles, we now have a light-weight output of 540lux, this is often quite enough to beautifully highlight our products and still save energy. We receive many positive reactions from our customers and our employees.”

70% lower energy costs with high efficiency LED low bay light(2)
Achievements for the project
  • The quality maintenance contract includes monitoring, maintenance, performance analysis, and improvement;
  • All investment costs are replaced by an all-in, fixed monthly service amount;
  • The agreed amount of light and the agreed amount of energy savings are delivered;
  • Customers do not have to worry about maintenance;
  • Customers show that they value the environment and sustainability;
  • Customers opt for an optimal shopping experience with attractively presented products;
  • Customers save on energy costs by using energy-efficient LED lighting.

By working closely with our clients and providing one-stop solutions, we YIBAI LED LIGHTING were ready to deliver a gorgeous, well-lit working environment for the shopping center. For any questions or needs on high efficiency LED low bay lights, please feel free to contact us via [email protected], high quality LED lights with a professional engineering team will reply to you asap.

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