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Our company focuses on innovation by providing efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions.We provide high-quality, proprietary, patented, future-generation energy-efficient Luminaires that are engineered for years of dependable performance. 

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Smart Lighting Solutions

Located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, Yibai LED Lighting is a reputable manufacturer of a variety of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products. Our range includes LED high bay lights, LED stadium lights, LED flood lights, LED street lights, and smart lighting control systems, amongst others.

YIBAI is also a smart outdoor lighting solution provider and smart pole integrator. We provide comprehensive solutions of PLC, Zigbee, RF, LoRa, NB-loT, and GSM/LTE for street, tunnel, solar, and facade lighting to reduce energy consumption and operating costs substantially. The Central Management System integrates the remote lighting control and smart pole and also opens to various applications of smart city, such as smart parking, smart waste management, smart traffic, and so on. Learn More

Featured Products
LoRaWAN Lamp Controller NEMA

PLC smart lighting

The power line communication solution uses a power cable to transmit data from the lamp controller. It is the most stable remote streetlight control solution.

LoRaWAN Gateway

LoRaWAN system

The LoRaWAN solution provides seamless interoperability among smart things without the need for complex local installations and gives back the freedom to the user, enabling the rollout of the Internet of Things.

LoRaWAN Lamp Controller Zhaga

LTE smart lighting

LTE solution uses LTE (4G) to transmit data from the lamp controller to the server. It has amazing transmission speed and needs to insert a SIM card for communication.

Melo series LED street light (2)

Melo street light

The ENEC certificate LED street light Melo series has been defined as a high-performance and cost-effective luminaire.

Food & Beverage processing highbay light (3)

NSF High bay light

NSF certificate Diamond series with a maximum benefit of 190lm/w to meet the various lighting needs of food & beverage processing

SLA series LED Stadium light (1)

SLA stadium light

SLA Series LED Stadium Lights. Simple, reliable and affordable, maintenance-free Design. Max 750W, super high light efficiency 150lm/W. 10Years warranty

The Best LED Lights Manufacturer

How we make the products perfect

Selective materials and partnership suppliers

  • Top brand LED chips and drivers adopted, 12 hours aging test after assembling.
  • Close quality inspection of components and parts before production, and strict quality control during production.
  • Mature supply chain with high reliability components and parts.
  • All suppliers are expected to compete on quality, reliability, and price.
Yibai LED Lighting Factory (3)
Yibai LED Lighting Factory (7)

Die-casting & machining manufacturing

  • Yibai own die casting factory for good control of cost and delivery time.
  • Each phase of our manufacturing process undergoes rigorous quality control to deliver the best results.

Necessary test facilities

  • Professional lighting distribution designed by experienced optical engineer team, high uniformity and luminous efficacy.
  • Luminaires pass through anti-dust tests, waterproof tests, anti-corrosion tests, vibration tests, and thermal shock tests.
Yibai LED Lighting Factory
Yibai LED Lighting Factory (2)

Streamlined production line

  • Complete each process in a fixed sequence and at a uniform production speed.
  • Regularly operation training of production line workers to avoid defective products during production.

Can your factory do OEM and ODM?

Yes, both OEM and ODM are acceptable. Material, color, and style can be customized, and our professional R&D team will provide you with full support for the product design.

What’s the delivery time for mass production? Normally it is 15-20days after receiving the order confirmation. When we have stocks it only takes 3-5days. 

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With more than 10 years of manufacturing experience of led indoor & outdoor lights, and nearly 10 years of industry precipitation, our sales team and R & D team have helped thousands of customers from different industries to find the best led lighting for their application, service or brand solution. Don’t hesitate to tell us about your needs!

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What Our Clients Say

Yibai is the leading manufacturer and producer of high-quality LED street lights. We are full of ideas and we work with different companies and individuals from various sectors in providing durable and long-lasting solutions to lighting.

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Happy Clients

Yibai is a manufacturer and supplier of quality LED street lights. The company offers a full range of LED lights, including LED street lights, LED flood lights, and more. Through the installation of LED lights on our public infrastructure projects, we have increased our client base and won contracts with more clients than ever before.

I have been working for Yibai for about 3+years, and I can honestly say that they are one of the best lighting companies out there. They provide high quality products at great prices, something that is very important to me since I am in charge of contracting the street lights. The unique thing about Yibai LED Lighting is that they customize their light to fit the needs of their clients, which means they will make sure you get what you want no matter what type of light you need. 

Our company has worked with Yibai for several years, and we have realized the greater impact of our contracts. They deliver exactly what you have asked for. The unique thing about Yibai is that they provide legit and genuine products that will long-lasting durability.  We can testify that through the lights from Yibai we used in installing the street lights we have signed a lot of contracts because of the good work that we did. 

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